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A HUGE Milestone: 29,000 Signatures

March 16, 2022 – On Monday morning US Senate Candidate Ally Isom, wearing her red running shoes, entered the Utah State Capitol building in Salt Lake City to turn in more than 29,000 signatures to qualify for the Republican primary election.

She submitted the 28,000 signatures required, plus more than an additional 1,000 extra signatures to the Utah Elections Office. 

Grateful for Team Ally

This is a team effort!

After Ally declared her intent to gather signatures to qualify for the Republican primary ballot, we had about 90 days to make it happen. So many people stepped up to help us reach this major milestone. 

We are grateful for each and every volunteer, canvasser, and member of the campaign staff who have dedicated their time and abilities to collect these signatures. Thank you for supporting Team Ally!

BUT… WeBut’re Not Done Yet! We Still Need YOU!

But … We’re Not Done Yet! We Still Need You!

All of our submitted signatures must be verified by the Utah Elections Office. It is common for some of them to be invalid due to various reasons. Because duplicate or unverified signatures will not count towards the required 28,000 signatures, we must still actively gather thousands more.


Let’s Rally for Ally

We need your help to get these additional signatures. To get the additional thousands that we need, we invite you to rally with us! This week, please do any of the following, and we ask that you set aside one to three hours on Saturday to do any of the following things to Rally for Ally:

  • Circulate a petition among your family and friends; even if you haven’t gathered signatures before, every signature counts. You can view and download the petition to gather signatures here

  • Gather signatures before or after local sporting events or concerts.
  • Canvass targeted neighborhoods with high numbers of registered Republicans for signatures (contact Jolet Olsen at for details).
  • Sign up to gather signatures at the International Sportsmen’s Expo and the Mountain American Convention Center this Saturday (it’s a great place to get a lot of signatures!).
  • Sign up to gather signatures at the Maverik Center Women’s Gymnastics Event.
  • Sign up to gather signatures at the Utah Valley Home and Garden Show this Saturday (another great place to get a lot of signatures!).

Turn your signatures in at the end of day Saturday (contact Jolet Olsen at to find out where you can turn your packet in). Please write a V in the upper left corner of your packet and completely fill out the verification page (the signatures won’t be counted if the verification page isn’t completely filled out).

We can get there, but we need your help! Let’s Rally for Ally!

You can find information on upcoming events where you can sign the petition on our website.  

If you want to help gather more signatures or volunteer in another way, you can fill out this form here

Here at #TeamAllyForUtah we are very grateful for everyone who is helping us work for a better Utah. Reaching this milestone is a crucial step forward!

Follow along and stay up to date on the campaign by connecting with us on social media. And PLEASE like and share our posts so we can increase our reach! Political content is limited more than other content by the platforms. When you like or share our posts, it improves our social media algorithms, and that helps us reach more voters. Be an Ally for Utah social media warrior!!