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December 19, 2021 – Ally sat down with KSL’s Doug Wright to discuss why she’s running for the U.S. Senate, how one of her policy initiatives is to restore order to our Republic and why internal divisiveness is the single greatest threat to our nation. Ally understands these threats because of conversations she’s had with national and international policy experts.

“They don’t tell me China or Russia. They tell me we ourselves are our own greatest threat, because we can’t even agree on policy solutions. And until we are able to sit down at the table and be united in the direction we are going as a country, it doesn’t matter that China is the single greatest threat on our domestic soil. Because we can’t get our act together. We can’t agree. We can’t even have a conversation,” Ally said. 

Wright, who is the anchor for KSL-TV’s Sunday Edition, interviewed Ally [at 17:17] virtually for his program. He also asked Ally about The Right Things. A Compact with Utah. A Vision for America, that her campaign unveiled last week. He specifically asked about Ally’s eighth principle: Restore Order to the Republic.

Ally said, “Our institutions have been challenged. They are dysfunctional and we really need to take a better look at how we address some of the nation’s problems.” Ally’s eighth principle addresses these problems.

8. Order in the Republic

Reform failing mechanisms.

  • Support a constitutional term limit amendment
  • Reform the Senate Filibuster
  • Ensure national election integrity and voter access
  • Expedite legal immigration

In regards to her initiative, Ally said she plans to, “focus on things that matter most. And get things done for the state.”

Wright also explored Ally’s motivation for joining the U.S. Senate race in 2022. 

“What compelled me to jump into this race was a frustration with the deterioration in our national dialogue,” said Ally. “It feels like we’ve become distracted with culture wars and personalities and we’ve stopped talking about real policy solutions and outcomes. And I just feel like it’s time to return that conversation to the fundamentals.”

Watch the entire conversion here, at timestamp 17:17.

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