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Terry L Bowman in his United States Army Uniform

November 11, 2021– As the child of a veteran, Ally knows the enormous debt all Americans owe to the brave men and women who serve in the military. A debt that cannot be repaid. Ally’s father, Terry L. Bowman served in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division as a communication specialist during the Vietnam War, while her mother stayed behind in Utah.

“There is not a generation of Americans that is untouched by the sacrifices of war. Since our Nation’s inception, lives have been lost to protect our freedoms. We take for granted so often our ability to worship. To move about the country. To travel and come home. To progress. To achieve. To chase our dreams. Those who serve in our military, pay this price. Both female and male” Ally said.

The rising cost of housing in Utah is affecting our veterans at an alarming rate. Military families are forced to double bunk and homelessness among our veterans are the result. This troubles Ally. She says our military families need strong advocates.

“We have a debt to these families that cannot be repaid. Our responsibility is to honor their debt. To back them up. To make sure that they’re safe.”