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January 6, 2022 – Like so many Americans, for me, January 6, 2021, was an emotion-filled day. And like so many, I have spent considerable time trying to understand what happened that day and how it has impacted our Republic since. 

One thing I know for certain: Too many continue to use that day to advance self-serving political agendas. Too many use that day to blame another side, to attack an enemy, to further the divide. Too many fail to see how their actions fuel ongoing contempt and impede healing. 

Let us never forget that people died that day. Let us never forget our elected leaders were violently threatened that day. Let us never forget there was an attempt to impede a constitutional process for a peaceful transition of power.

Most importantly, may we all take responsibility for how our nation moves forward. We each bear the honor, privilege, and duty to value one another, to see each other–especially those with whom we vehemently disagree–as fellow Americans, as sisters and brothers in freedom.

If we shirk this duty and fail to heal, if we miss this historic imperative and fail to focus on core principles, our greatest threat is not external; our greatest threats lie within.

I reject that possibility. Too much blood has been shed in the cause of freedom to dishonor that legacy with tribal hostility and presumed offense. With everything we have, we must push for understanding and strive for unity. Understanding and unity are more than nice ideas. Indeed, they provide the very foundation for solutions that stick. 

I see it across our incredible state. In my red running shoes, I have walked with and earnestly listened to everyday Utahns in more than 70 communities so far. I see people from all backgrounds and beliefs come together to solve big problems, serve each other and build a bright future. We are doing it right here in Utah every day. Somehow we’ve stopped seeing it in our nation’s leaders. 

It’s time for a different kind of leadership. And I especially feel that in my bones on days like today. I am more committed than ever to devoting my energy as a voice for all Utahns, a voice that unites, a person who sees and hears others–even those with whom I may disagree, and a leader that fights for the right things.

Ally Isom

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