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SALT LAKE CITY (July 1, 2021) — Republican Ally Isom, a respected leader in Utah’s business, government and community sectors, registered her federal campaign today, signaling the beginning of her 2022 U.S. Senate run and launching her “Walk a Mile” statewide listening tour.

“Our nation is at a critical crossroads. It’s time to return to the fundamental conservative principles we share—responsibility for our shared future, fiscal discipline, limited government, valuing life and respecting others,” Isom said. “Public dialogue is often more about personalities than ideas, more about division than solutions. We can do better.”

Today, along with registering with the Federal Election Commission, Isom will release a video on her campaign social media platforms. In the video, she laces up her red Altra running shoes committing to a different kind of campaign and a different kind of conversation. Her “Walk a Mile” theme is a reference to walking a mile in others’ shoes to better understand their concerns and needs.

“I’m interested in hearing about real-life problems and fresh ideas, in ranches and start-ups, from fifth-generation Utahns and those who come and stay for our way of
life. This tour is not about me, it’s about Utah. Together we can build a brighter and more hope-filled future—and I can’t wait to get to work,” Isom said.

Isom enters the race uniquely suited to represent Utahns with experience in both the public and private sectors. Throughout her career, Isom has been highly sought
out and recruited for her ability to tackle tough issues, unite diverse groups and find needed solutions. For more information on Isom’s personal and professional
qualifications, view her biography here.

To learn about Ally Isom and participate in her listening tour, visit @allyforutah on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. A formal campaign kickoff is scheduled for the end of the summer.