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Ally wants to end political divisiveness with inclusive leadership

November 15, 2021–On Monday night, Ally spoke with motivational speaker and best selling author Ganel-Lyn Condie about political divisiveness and the need for inclusive leadership. 

“Some of what I’m hearing across the board, across political spectrums, and ethnicities, and social and economic variables. I’m hearing that people are tired. They’re tired of divisiveness and fighting. They’re tired of tensions and displacement. They’re tired of marginalization. They’re tired of being unseen and unheard. And when people are unseen and unheard, emotional intensity rises, and the voices get louder,” Ally said. “When we can say, ‘I see you and I hear you, and I get it, and I’m understanding better,’ you find the emotions come down and we start to talk to each other and find ways to solve problems.” 

To any who feel unheard in the current political environment, Ally wants to “invite those people to come back. Come back to the table. Come back to the party. Come back to the conversation.” 

With 25 years of experience working with diverse groups across public, private and nonprofit sectors, Ally is the candidate who knows how to advocate for ALL women and men in Utah.

“I think that is something I can offer. I’m uniquely suited to do that. I’ve been doing it my whole career. My professional life has been to speak for those who aren’t in the room or to gather a group of people with very diverse backgrounds and opinions and try to problem solve together, based on principles and mutual respect and understanding,” Ally said.

She also wants to foster an environment which recognizes solutions for local issues are best solved by local folks; the government is not meant to fix every problem.

“I’m a big believer that we should let the local communities have the tools and resources to solve these problems. Honor market forces and not tinker with it so much. We have to be thinking as communities for community based solutions,” Ally said.

Ganel-Lyn told listeners that Ally is the candidate we need in Washington to help us meet future challenges.

“I love that your cross section of experiences from a personal and professional standpoint … uniquely qualifies you to help usher in some of the decisions that are going to come that we don’t even know about yet,” said Ganel-Lyn.

To watch the Facebook Live event, click HERE.