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January 19, 2022 – Utah is known for its innovation and Utah’s tech community is leading the way. The latest developments in Crypto and the lessons learned from the downfall of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) were the topics at the Cryptopia Event at the Leonardo in Salt Lake City today.

Tech experts from across the country shared the latest information about the landscape of cryptocurrencies and Web3. U.S. Senate Candidate Ally Isom moderated a session with blockchain expert Michelle Tsng, Carl Youngblood, and others to discuss DAOs. 

Ally said, “I was honored to participate and excited to be at Crytopia today. Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is more relevant than ever –  for everyday Utahns and businesses alike. Web3 is here, so let’s come together to talk about it and move forward in the best ways possible, understanding both risk and opportunity. It’s a big, broad, rich and exciting landscape, and here again, Utah can lead out.”  

In addition to her career working as a global nonprofit leader and serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Gary Herbert, Ally served as the acting Executive and Marketing Officer at EVŌQ Nano, a Utah-headquartered biotech and nanotechnology company. The Ally For Utah campaign now accepts donations in Bitcoin.

To learn about Ally Isom, her Compact with Utah, and her #WalkAMile listening tour, visit @allyforutah on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter