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October 18, 2021 – Utah’s booming tech sector needs a strong advocate in the Senate and Republican Ally Isom is the candidate who can deliver. A former executive for Utah-based tech company EVŌQ Nano, Ally is the only candidate with on the ground experience in the state’s fast-growing tech industry which provides one in seven Utah jobs.

“We have tremendous potential in Utah’s tech sector. It’s enormously promising. I’m really excited,” Ally said at a recent cottage meeting hosted by longtime PBS journalist Ken Verdoia.

Still, costly and bureaucratic delays are harming technological innovation, she said. And to solve it, Utah needs a senator “who is willing to invite these companies to sit down with whatever regulatory agency they’re struggling with and find solutions”—something Ally has pledged to do.

Ally believes our elected officials need to familiarize themselves with the challenges tech companies face getting their life-saving and innovative technologies to market without costly bureaucratic delays. This was something she experienced firsthand at her former company, which specializes in biotech research that benefits humans and the environment. Leaders should also learn more about the technologies coming out of Utah, she added.

Utahns count on those we elect to deliver results, and Ally’s track record shows she is an effective and persuasive problem-solver.

With the divisive rhetoric in our current political environment, Ken asked Ally how she planned to tackle the tough issues facing Utah without being divisive herself. 

“I built my career on bringing people of diverse opinions and experiences to a common table to find solutions,” Ally said. “There are so many of us who are just tired of fighting. We cannot surrender to the hostile extremes, or we’re surrendering the future of our country.  And we need good people to engage,” she said.

Ken also asked Ally if and how she would resist cameras and spotlights to get things done.

“I’d be concerned if the messages I’m getting from my colleagues are only through cable TV,” said Ally. “That’s an awfully dangerous way to communicate with people you’re trying to find joint solutions with. I would hope that I’m spending most of my time behind the scenes talking to people–the real people doing the real work,” she said.

Regarding the issues she hears about on her Walk A Mile tour, Ally emphasized how often she hears from Utahns that water is their top priority, especially finding solutions for water conservation and planning.  She also hears about affordable housing, affordable child care, healthcare, education, and plans for smart growth.

The everyday Utahns she talks with feel anxious about water and limited resources, but feel hope when viable solutions are discussed. That is why Ally wants her agenda to be about finding solutions for Utahns. “We can find solutions when we come together,” Ally said. “My agenda is Utah’s agenda.”

To watch the full cottage meeting, click HERE.