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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your three top priorities?


1. The economy, which includes monetary policy, high inflation and the national debt

2. Utah’s water

3. Restoring American global energy leadership


What influenced your issue positions?

Short answer: Everyday Utahns.

Longer answer: Having been involved in public policy for more than 30 years, I feel qualified to arrive at a stance on an issue. However, it is arrogant and out of touch for one who claims to represent a state to assume they know everything. So I committed to walk in every Utah city and town–all 253–with everyday Utahns, to better understand what is in the hearts and top of mind for the people of this state. So far, I’ve been in more than 120 communities. I’ve listened to local officials, Main Street business owners, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, first responders, parents and mechanics. My “Walk a Mile” Listening Tour has been the best and most important part of my campaign.

Issue Positions


There is nothing more sacred than life. As the mother of four and grandma to five, I am pro-life. This is a complex subject for every woman, which is exactly why we need more women in the United States Senate. At minimum, we should do more to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place and the law should allow the termination of a pregnancy when a mother’s health is endangered, or when a woman or child is sexually assaulted. I am pro-consent, pro-family planning, pro-responsibility and pro-compassion. In the first trimester I was sent home twice to miscarry my third pregnancy and that was a baby to me, so I fought for the life of my unborn son who was delivered at 25 weeks 6 days gestation, weighing one pound and five ounces, and is now a 25 year-old, healthy college graduate. Every pregnancy is a unique experience for that woman. We must do more to support women and children, while ensuring fathers are also involved and responsible for their children. For more detail, please see Ally’s position paper here.



Half of all Utah children under age six have all available parents in the workforce. Thirty percent of Utah’s parents have cut back on work hours due to unmet childcare needs. Furthermore, childcare has been a major barrier for women re-entering workforce post-COVID. States are far better equipped to address this challenge than the federal government. My commitment is to three fronts: 1) Support families: tax credits on a sliding scale for working families, 2) Support employers: tax credits for offering childcare support, and 3) Support states: Block grants, if any.



I believe we are stewards for the world we leave our children and grandchildren. This planet is inter-connected across borders and oceans, so this must be a global cooperative effort with incentives, rather than penalties, in the right places. And no, the solution is not to fall in love, marry and have kids, but the solution is also not the Green New Deal. Things we can do to offset our impact include direct air capture, both biologic and geologic carbon sequestration, and next gen nuclear power generation.



Enact term limits for the Washington ruling class – 12-year limits for Congress and government agency appointees. (Exceptions for national security reasons only.)


Cyber Security:

America is selling its soul to the lowest bidder and wholesale global data theft occurs every time we log on. Moreover, we see corporations and special interests stifling free speech, while our personal and national well-being is threatened by the targeted distribution of inaccurate information. Meanwhile, our government is not doing enough to protect both individual security and national security. If we think our only meaningful threat from Russia is in Ukraine, we are tragically mistaken. Our families are at risk. Our communities are at risk. Our electric grid, infrastructure and national defense are all at risk.


Economy & Inflation:


This nation has squandered its prosperity and will now face some hard decisions. It’s more important than ever to adhere to conservative principles–for the sake of our children and grandchildren. First, we must stop printing money. The third round of Covid stimulus money was utterly unnecessary. Second, we must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, permanently cap the debt ceiling (the only exception being war), and put this nation on a spending reduction plan, reducing the total budget year over year until we reach a sustainable budget and restore American financial strength. And until we do, Congress should not receive another paycheck. The budget is their job. They need to do it. Third, the American people need relief from inflation NOW. The American consumer is the pawn in high-stakes political theater, staged by both parties. Pres. Biden must stop making dirty oil deals with global bad actors and open up US pipelines, expedite permitting and relieve shortages with US petroleum reserves.



As your senator, my job is to keep the federal government from intruding in education in any way that jeopardizes local control or asserts a philosophical agenda beyond basic education. One of my priorities is to increase Utah’s PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) allocation to enhance educational resources for rural communities. The most critical role played by the Dept. of Education is ensuring at-risk and disabled students are appropriately served and I support that function. But beyond that, decisions about education belong at the local level, with parents and educators. Period.



We need relief from inflation NOW. The American consumer is the pawn in high-stakes political theater, staged by both parties. Pres. Biden must stop making dirty oil deals with global bad actors and open up US pipelines, expedite permitting and relieve shortages with US petroleum reserves. I support efforts to reinstate our country as a global energy leader and to restore US strength in the energy arena. But with today’s volatile market, it is not the time to phase out fossil fuels and burden Utah’s working families with the brunt of the cost. Let me be clear, I am “all of the above” when it comes to energy, mostly because I have confidence in American innovation to find a way to both reduce harmful environmental and climate outcomes while providing consumers affordable and accessible energy solutions. I especially like the dialog I see in the House’s Conservative Climate Caucus and the way it is reframing the energy dialog around conservative principle and solutions. 


Environmental Social Governance:

I believe in allowing the private sector to pursue its business models with as little government intrusion as possible. ESG becomes a good idea that goes too far when it overreaches into public entity credit ratings or personal credit scores.



This is all about patient-oriented solutions. Health outcomes are a result of access and affordability. I support expanding HSA limits and ensuring better direct primary care by incentivizing wellness. We’ve made some progress on price transparency, but there is still work to do. My guiding question: Is it good for patients? Due to the pandemic’s effect on mental health and the impact of mental health on the criminal justice system, I also support block grants to states to address behavioral health crises, provide for greater parental support for young adults navigating a health crisis, and expand mental health courts. Mental health is health.



There are two fronts to the housing crisis: inventory and affordability. Many market forces are in play. I believe any government action should be surgical and focused on financing, rather than a blunt approach on supply. Moreover, tailored local solutions can best address local market and supply dynamics. The State of Utah, both at the state level and at the community level, has many efforts underway. I will support those efforts, including advocating for those in greatest need for General Assistance funds and Community Development Block Grants–areas where control remains at the local level.


Immigration/Border control:

Our nation’s narrative is a story of immigration. But what is happening on this nation’s borders today is immoral and irresponsible. We must prioritize secure borders and keeping families together. I support an expedited path to work permits so people can come out of the shadows and pay taxes, and a clear path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants. I affirm the principles of the Utah Compact: federal responsibility, the rule of law, family cohesion, a free-market approach and a free society. Our national labor shortage is driving up the cost of goods and services for Utah families. Our government has a duty to secure our borders, ensure safe passage for law-abiding citizens and legally-permitted workers, and prevent criminal entrance, illegal drugs and human trafficking.


Public Lands:

On this front, the incumbent talks big, but then doesn’t show up. Examples: Emery County Lands Bill, PILT reauthorization, Navajo Water Rights Settlement Agreement, The Great American Outdoors Act, wildfire mitigation, and drought relief. When it comes to public lands–nearly two-thirds of our state–I will show up for Utah. Utah should control its land. Period. Those closest to the land know it best. Moving the BLM office back to DC–wrong move. Bears Ears–disastrous. The current administration fails to understand the impact of its actions on the very land it claims to protect. Enough political posturing while Utah communities suffer the brunt of reckless disregard. In me, Utah has a voice–even a mama bear.



As a nation, we are stronger because we are a diverse people, and we must recognize that racism still occurs. Once we see it, let’s do all we can to eradicate it from our language, our culture and our formal institutions and practices. Too many people are weaponizing what should be an honest and empathetic dialog about real experiences. Too many fear their children may be “programmed to feel guilty” for the sins of the past. It’s wrong, but that doesn’t excuse every one of us from responsibility for the future. While so many are earnest to understand and improve, we each have blind spots where we can do better. We each sit at tables in our communities where we can look around and make sure all voices are heard and valued.


The Republican Party:

Our party is at a crossroads and we must return to our core values: individual freedom, limited government, low taxes, fiscal discipline and accountability. Those values are needed now, more than ever. We have become too divided by culture wars and personalities. It is time to unite around our values and be the party of Lincoln and Reagan. As Lincoln said at Gettysburg, it is for us to be dedicated to the great unfinished work before us. We are the party who knows freedom is preserved when government exists of the people, by the people and for the people. And Reagan advanced the concept of a big tent, one where we listen to and value all voices, where we respect differences and work toward real solutions. That is the party I know. 


Second Amendment:

I will vigorously defend the rights of responsible, law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I believe we need to do more to teach gun safety in the home and vigorously address the untenable culture of violence and anger so pervasive in our communities and the absence of meaningful connection for those individuals who feel marginalized and forgotten.


The Status of Women:

I have been an advocate for Utah’s women my entire adult life. I was a founding member and executive board chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute and still participate on the executive board. I am also a long-term ambassador for the Utah Women & Leadership Project, and a mentor and teacher for hundreds of Utah’s young female professionals. A recent study indicated the #1 most important thing we can do to elevate the status of women in Utah is elect Utah’s first female US senator.


Student Loan Debt / FAFSA: 

If an individual makes a financial commitment, it is their responsibility to honor that commitment. I oppose government forgiveness of student loan debt and support the lowest possible interest rates for all student loans.


Term Limits:

I’ve committed to two terms–unequivocally. Stay too long and DC becomes corrosive. I support a constitutional amendment to limit terms for the US Senate and House to 12 years. I also support limiting government agency appointees to 12 years of service. (Exceptions for national security reasons only.)


Ukraine / Russia:

This is personal to me. Not only do I have family roots in Ukraine, we now have a Ukrainian family of five living with us while they pursue asylum. They call home daily to make sure their family is alive, and they don’t take freedom for granted. For years, Vladimir Putin has shown us who he is, but we waited too long to support a fledgling democratic and much weaker Ukraine before the invasion. While we must not put US lives at risk, we can either help contain Russia now, or we will watch them go after other vulnerable nations and we will pay even more later. Furthermore, China is watching. The stakes are high. I support the last round of assistance, although I thought the total was too high and believe other nations must also do their part. Democracy matters.


The US Constitution:

President Reagan said the American Revolution was “the first revolution in the history of mankind that truly reversed the course of government, and with three little words: ‘We the people.’” This nation was born in crisis, but it has endured 235 years as the framework for our government through peril and prosperity because it recognizes its power comes from the people it serves. It is recognized as the world’s longest surviving written charter of government because it is a living document. I hold the US Constitution with reverence and awe. It is no mere political prop to me. I will be under oath to support and defend it, with “true faith and allegiance.” It is the foundation of this remarkable nation and, as we honor the principles and powers enumerated therein, we will remain a strong nation and a free nation. Our children need to understand and treasure that. We must not take freedom for granted.



As the daughter of a Vietnam war veteran, I do not take our freedoms for granted. I honor the brave women and men who have sacrificed for our nation and am fully committed to serving U.S. veterans across the world including the 150,000 veterans who call Utah home. Hill Air Force Base and our other military installations are critical to the economy of Utah, the growth of our state and the strength of our nation. I support allowing Veterans to choose how they access health care, either through the VA or private providers, whichever they prefer.



I will vigorously defend Utah’s water rights and preserve Utah’s fair share of the Upper Basin supply as originally agreed in 1948. Our federal delegation and state leaders must be unified in Utah’s water priorities. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll see our state divided from within over this precious and finite resource. With shared responsibility within our state, we can better optimize water usage by acquiring and sharing quality data and by supporting new technologies. I will also better support rural Utah by advocating for already-allocated drought relief funds and helping Utah infrastructure projects get prioritized.

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