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Leading With Conservative Principles


    1. People First Ally cares deeply about Utahns. She gets to know the people whose lives are impacted before making decisions. Too often, politicians think about politics first and people last. Senators are elected to represent and advocate for real people and Ally takes the role seriously. She has spent her life on good causes and her career speaking truth to power. Whether she’s at home in Kaysville or in D.C., Utah can count on the same Ally.
    2. Limited Government – Government was never intended to solve all our problems. Ally values hard work, resilience, and self-reliance. She believes education opens the door to prosperity and champions free enterprise, low taxes, and fiscal restraint. Reckless spending and oversized government hinder long-term planning and limit our options to solve future problems. Utah is a shining model for fiscal discipline and economic growth, with a tremendous can-do spirit.
    3. Deliver Results – Utahns care about the future we give our children and we count on those we elect to deliver results. But Congress has not solved the most pressing issues we face. With a 50/50 Senate, it’s critical to work as a team. Gridlock and gimmicks may give politicians fuel for their next re-election campaign, but everyday Americans are paying a heavy price. Ally is an effective and persuasive problem-solver. She will work with whomever she has to in order to produce results for Utah.
    4. Give all Utahns a Voice – In our community and on the job, Ally is passionate about bringing people together to get things done. Her record shows she stands on principle, engages in good faith, and values all voices. As a Senator, she will be accessible to every Utahn. Pre-screened questions and exclusive speeches don’t allow for proper accountability and input. Ally is engaging with Utahns where it’s most convenient to themin their own communities, on social media, at digital Q&As and elsewhere.
    5. A New Dawn for the GOP – Our nation is at a crossroads. Public dialogue is often more about personalities than ideas, more about division than solution. Ally has spent 25 years immersed in Republican grassroots politics, working to strengthen the GOP and support principled candidates like Ronald Reagan. In order to move our country in the right direction, Republicans need to create majorities in D.C., grow the party tent, and gain new voters by getting back to the fundamental principles we share—responsibility for our shared future, spending money wisely, planning for tomorrow, valuing life, and respecting others.