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We need your signature to secure Ally's spot on the ballot!

The Ally For Utah campaign has about 90 days to collect 28,000 signatures from registered Republican voters across Utah to ensure Ally Isom’s name will appear on the June primary election ballot. Once they are submitted, Ally is one step closer to being elected to the U.S. Senate. The threshold of 28,000 signatures is high and the timeframe of 90 days is short. This effort takes time and money, and we need your help with both! Read more about signature gathering and sign up to canvass below.

If you are willing to sign the petition, fill out the form below, and a member of Team Ally will connect you with a volunteer in your area who has a signature packet you can sign.

Sign My Petition

We need your signature to get Ally on the ballot!

  • The campaign must submit 28,000 verified signatures from registered Republican voters in order to qualify for the primary election ballot.
  • Voters must sign a physical signature packet from the campaign – it is not possible to sign online, and the signature must match the signature on your voter file.
  • Voters must be a registered Republican to sign the petition; check or change your registration here.
  • Signing a candidate’s signature packet does NOT mean you are committed to voted for that candidate; it only means you would like their name to appear on the primary election ballot this June.
  • Once you sign the petition for Ally, do not sign the signature packet of another candidate, or your signature could be voided.


Help gather signatures in your area!

The campaign will provide you with an official signature packet to circulate among friends and colleagues or take door-to-door to collect signatures from registered Republican voters.