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Statement on Lee's sudden unavailability for the primary debate

SALT LAKE CITY (May 11, 2022) – US Senate candidate Ally Isom issued the following official statement today:

In 2016 Mike Lee had no Republican challenger before facing his Democratic opponent. This year, he faced five challengers at the Utah Republican State Convention–where he took photos, but no questions– and now has two major challengers in the Utah Primary Election.

It is time to hold Mike Lee accountable for the past twelve years–accountable for his weak record, accountable for his actions, accountable for being out of touch with the people who elected him.

However, he may still be avoiding questions.

Late yesterday I was informed Lee may not be available for the upcoming June 2 candidate debate, hosted by the Utah Debate Commission. Then last night I got word the Utah Republican Party may be providing Lee air cover for his sudden unavailability. I happen to be an official Republican candidate and have received no official communication from the State Republican Party. I’m pretty sure they have my cell number.

I’ve been in politics long enough to know a scheme when I smell one. Some speculate Lee’s the one pulling the strings of our state GOP. Maybe it’s only a coincidence. Some speculate Lee’s unsure how to navigate a stage with two female challengers. Well, in 2022, I certainly hope that’s not the case.

Our constitutional republic is fraying at the seams. Enough of partisan distractions. Let’s focus on what matters most. There are pivotal questions of how our government functions, the values it represents, and the future we will chart.

The critical issues our nation faces cannot be viewed as Republican or Democrat issues. These questions touch the life of every Utahn. We need a senator willing to face difficult questions from many directions and answer to the people of Utah. If he won’t, then it’s clearly time to call him home.