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Statement on Ukraine Emergency Aid Package

SALT LAKE CITY (May 20, 2022) – US Senate candidate Ally Isom issued the following official statement today:

Forty billion dollars is an enormous amount of support, but it is undeniably in America’s strategic interest to support Ukraine and stop Russia. If Russia succeeds, neighboring countries could be next, signaling a new front where large and powerful nations can subvert and overthrow small nations.

I appreciate the intent of Sen. Lee’s proposed amendment to the package, but the intention rang hollow when he failed to muster the support to pass it and then voted against the bill.

As the risk for global escalation grows by the day, not just as a ground conflict but online as well, every American must be alert. This conflict could very quickly be right here in Utah in the form of cyber-attacks and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Sending aid to Ukraine is not enough if we fail to shore up domestic digital vulnerabilities as well. The ground game is only part of the battle.

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